We are involved with public policy issues that could impact you. The Medicare Access for Part D coverage of your immunosuppressant medications is among
the issues for transplant recipients. Your membership helps us continue our mission.  TSO is a 501(c)3 organization; your donations are tax deductible.

Dear TSO participants and friends of TSO,

We hope you have found our website to be helpful to you.  We hope you will consider joining TSO for a very nominal cost.  Your membership is our primary source of funding for TSO. Your dues help to pay for the numerous activities undertaken by TSO to provide you with services, information, advocacy and support. All of the people involved with TSO are volunteers. We have no paid employees and no reimbursement from other sources. This is why we seek dues, grants and gifts to help support our activities on your behalf.

What does TSO do for you? Here are a few of our activities:

  • We have an active presence and voice in public policy issues that could impact you like the Medicare Access for Part D coverage of your immunosuppressant medications

  • We maintain an up to date and informative website

  • We have expanded our communications to Facebook and Twitter

  • We publish a quarterly newsletter

  • We offer the annual "Celebration of Life" Summer Picnic and Holiday Party

  • We hold monthly meetings with educational presentations on topics that are relevant to you

  • We support outreach, research, and identification of resources on transplantation and organ donation

  • We manage an active volunteer program with training provided so that volunteers can participate in community programs and activities

These are but a few of our activities. As you can see, we work very hard to keep TSO in the forefront as a community based organization. However, there are costs associated with our activities and we need your help to do this work through your membership dues. So don't put it off until tomorrow. Please take a moment to send in your check or Paypal payment (Paypal not available at this time).

At the bottom of this letter is a link to our membership form for your convenience. Please complete the form and return it to us with your check or Paypal payment.

Do you have questions about membership?  Contact TSO at email4tso@gmail.com.



Volunteers are welcome from the TSO participant population. They may be recipients, pre-transplant recipients, family members, friends, and members of the public who have an interest in organ donation and transplantation.

Janet Ocasio